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History This is an abridged version of Wolverine's history. For a complete history see Wolverine's Expanded History Early Years. Dog, Rose and James. Logan's life began in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, sometime between 1882 and 1885. The mutant who would come to be known simply as "Logan" was born James Howlett, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Howlett ....


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Jan 21, 2019 . The Wolverine Premium Format (TM) Figure is a warning to all enemies of the X-Men- mess with this mutant, and you'll get the claws. This polystone statue stands 15.5" tall, with Wolverine lunging forward atop a severed Sentinel hand base. The mutant-killing machine has its inner mechanisms exposed where the yellow and blue berserker has torn its hand from its ....


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Laura Kinney is a mutant artificially engineered using Wolverine's DNA. In order to replicate the original Weapon X experiment, the program known as the Facility wished to clone Wolverine to serve as their private assassin. Geneticist Sarah Kinney was tasked to lead the project, proposing to create a female subject after twenty-two failed attempts due to a damaged Y chromosome in ....


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A Long History. James Howlett was born to wealthy John and Elizabeth Howlett in Alberta, Canada, during the last years of the 19th century. As a child, he was frail and unhealthy due to his overactive mutant immune system and was neglected by his mother, who had been institutionalized following the death of her first son, John Jr., in 1897..


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The official Marvel page for Sabretooth (Victor Creed). Learn all about Sabretooth both on screen and in comics! ... In Team X, Sabretooth was reunited with both Logan, now known as Wolverine, and Silver Fox, however none of them recalled their past experiences due to false memory implants provided by Weapon X's ally Psi-Borg. ... height. 6'6 ....


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Carol Danvers is a Human/Kree hybrid and a military warrior, better known as the high-flying super hero Captain Marvel. With no support from her authoritarian father, a young Danvers joined the Air Force by herself as a promising cadet, quickly escalating to rank of Major as an intelligence agent. Eventually, she was tasked to be a head of security at NASA, when it was ....


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Le livre numerique (en anglais : ebook ou e-book), aussi connu sous les noms de livre electronique et de livrel, est un livre edite et diffuse en version numerique, disponible sous la forme de fichiers, qui peuvent etre telecharges et stockes pour etre lus sur un ecran [1], [2] (ordinateur personnel, telephone portable, liseuse, tablette tactile), sur une plage braille, un ....


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Doreen Green was born to Dorian and Maureen Green. She suffered a modification in her genes for unknown reasons that granted her squirrel-like abilities, which manifested predominantly in the form of a prehensile tail. When her parents consulted with a doctor, it was determined that Doreen wasn't a mutant, even though she believed so for a long time. When she was ten years old, ....


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The Institute comprises 33 Full and 13 Associate Members, with 12 Affiliate Members from departments within the University of Cape Town, and 12 ....


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Takuya Yamashiro was a motocross driver, son of the astrophysicist Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro, and the man who would become his reality's Spider-Man. Whilst practicing on his motorbike, Takuya began to receive telepathic messages from Garia calling out to him. His sister, Shinko and Hitomi Sakuma asked for his assistance in investigating the crashed Leopardon but Takuya refused ....


Phoenix (Jean Grey) Powers, Villains, History | Marvel.

From Marvel Girl to Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey's telepathic and telekinetic abilities make her one of the most powerful X-Men in history. ... Wolverine seemingly killed Jean, unleashing the Phoenix Consciousness within her and resurrecting her. Returning to Earth, Jean, with the power of the Phoenix, opposed the faux Magneto and was killed by a ....


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An elder god in the shape of a cosmic thunderstorm, according to the records of Omnipotence City's Halls of All-Knowing, the God Tempest, or the Mother of Thunder, had existed since the dawn of time and grew gradually in size with each eon that passed. The worst of its wrath was reserved for those who truly deserved it, which made people believe it had a mind of its own. ....


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Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd was born and raised in Springfield, New Jersey. He is only son of Frank and Mary Shepherd, who divorced when he was still young. Tommy was in and out of juvenile halls for most of his life. It was in one of the detention centers that Tommy first met Lisa. The two seemed to have had some kind of romantic or physical relationship during this time. ....


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Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, is a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey. She possess latent Inhuman lineage activated by the Terrigen Bomb. When she was exposed to the Terrigen Mist she became a polymorph with the ability to stretch her body in almost any way imaginable. Kamala was a huge fan of superheroes, especially Carol Danvers, the former Ms. ....


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Groot was a Flora colossi from Planet X, the capital of the branch worlds. He did not get along with his fellow saplings, instead preferring the company of the "Maintenance Mammals" who the other saplings treated with prejudice. After Groot killed another sapling to defend a maintenance mammal it was brutalising, as well as releasing a human subject that was kidnapped for ....


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The massive dog known as Lockjaw is the loyal pet of the Royal Family of the Inhumans, an offshoot of humanity that was genetically altered by the Kree centuries ago whose isolation in the hidden city of Attilan resulted in the development of a high technological society with a focus on genetics. He was born from the Inhumans' experimentation on canines, his mother had been ....


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Caiera was born to the Shadow People of Sakaar. She was one of the few members of her race with the Old Power, the power to control the earth. When she was thirteen years old her village was attacked by the Spikes. Using her Old Power and fighting skills she fought the infected of her village until she was saved by the young Red King. The Red King had stood by and allowed ....


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Of all the races of giants, the foremost enemies of the Asgardians were the Frost Giants. They were once ruled by Laufey until he was slain by Odin. His replacement was Urgard-Loki who ruled Jotunheim, until his return. The direct descendants of the first giant, Ymir, the Frost giants live in the area of Jotunheim whose climate resembled that of Earth's polar regions. Temperatures in ....


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Adam Brashear was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. From an early age it was realized that Adam was a child prodigy. Adam was a former fullback at Cornell University who graduated magna cum laude. Adam had Ph.D.s. in electrical engineering and theoretical physics. Adam was a veteran of the Korean War, a member of the US Marine Corps with two Silver Stars. While in ....


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Azazel claimed he was one of the oldest mutants, part of a group of demonic-looking mutants called the Neyaphem. He even claimed that he once battled Mephisto and others for the title of "Satan". The Neyaphem were eventually banished to the Brimstone Dimension by another group of mutants with angelic appearances, the Cheyarafim. Azazel seemed convinced that Angel ....


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The Phalanx are an alien race, who were thought to be an offshoot of the Technarchy, bent on conquering worlds. It is a techno-organic race which had been captured by the Kree Empire, along with other hive species, to weaponize them and use them against rival empires. They were deemed a failure by the Black Judges due to their advanced adaptivity. The Phalanx has ....


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History Early Years Origin. Akihiro was the son of Wolverine and his Japanese wife, Itsu.In 1946, Itsu, while in the last stages of her pregnancy, was murdered by the Winter Soldier in an attempt to draw Wolverine out and return him to the custody of Madripoor.After Itsu's death, Romulus took the baby, cutting him from his mother's womb and leaving her body behind..


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The Asgardians are a humanoid race of extradimensional beings that hail from Asgard, a small pocket-dimension adjacent to Earth. They travel around the Nine Realms including Earth via an interdimensional nexus known as the Bifrost. They are also known as the Aesir gods who have been worshiped by the humans of Scandinavia, Britain, and Northern Europe. The religion ....


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The official Marvel page for Psylocke. Learn all about Psylocke both on screen and in comics! Videos. Videos. ... When Sabretooth gutted Psylocke, Angel, Wolverine, ... height. 5'11" (both bodies) weight. 155 lbs. (both bodies) eyes.