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Alfred Stieglitz HonFRPS (January 1, 1864 - July 13, 1946) was an American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his 50-year career in making photography an accepted art form. In addition to his photography, Stieglitz was known for the New York art galleries that he ran in the early part of the 20th century, where he introduced many avant ....!&&p=9917826acc33d4f5JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTExOQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvQWxmcmVkX1N0aWVnbGl0eg&ntb=1.

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Alfred Stieglitz (* 1.Januar 1864 in Hoboken, New Jersey; + 13. Juli 1946 in New York) war ein US-amerikanischer Fotograf, Galerist und Mazen.Er war eine der wichtigsten Personen, die der amerikanischen Offentlichkeit Einflusse der europaischen Avantgarde auf die amerikanische Kunst prasentierten. Dazu nutzte er seine Tatigkeit als Herausgeber der Zeitschrift Camera ....!&&p=75d37d8cb767b3ceJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTEzNw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9kZS53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvQWxmcmVkX1N0aWVnbGl0eg&ntb=1.

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Alfred Stieglitz (1 de enero de 1864 - 13 de julio de 1946) fotografo estadounidense, de origen judio-aleman.Durante sus cincuenta anos de carrera lucho por hacer de la fotografia una forma de arte al nivel de la pintura y la escultura.Para conseguir este objetivo empezo explorando dentro del campo de la fotografia capacidades propias de la pintura (composicion, texturas) ....!&&p=a7c496e54c5cbf1cJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTE1NQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lcy53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvQWxmcmVkX1N0aWVnbGl0eg&ntb=1.

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Georgia Totto O'Keeffe (November 15, 1887 - March 6, 1986) was an American modernist artist. She was known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico landscapes. O'Keeffe has been called the "Mother of American modernism".. In 1905, O'Keeffe began art training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and then the Art Students ....!&&p=f2d2be6d00c886c7JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTE3Mw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvR2VvcmdpYV9PJ0tlZWZmZQ&ntb=1.

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Alfred Stieglitz (January 1, 1864 - July 13, 1946) was an American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his 50-year career in making photography an accepted art form. In addition to his photography, Stieglitz was known for the New York art galleries that he ran in the early part of the 20th century, where he ....!&&p=0ffc3653d0ed4242JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTE5MQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubW9tYS5vcmcvYXJ0aXN0cy81NjY0&ntb=1.

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Ubu Roi (; "Ubu the King" or "King Ubu") is a play by French writer Alfred Jarry, then 23 years old.It was first performed in Paris in 1896, by Aurelien Lugne-Poe's Theatre de l'OEuvre at the Nouveau-Theatre (today, the Theatre de Paris). The production's single public performance baffled and offended audiences with its unruliness and obscenity..!&&p=f98a60d84e00994aJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTIxMA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvVWJ1X1JvaQ&ntb=1.

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Alfred Stieglitz (January 1, 1864 - July 13, 1946) was an American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his fifty-year career in making photography an accepted art form. In addition to his photography, Stieglitz was known for the New York art galleries that he ran in the early part of the 20th century, where he ....!&&p=f34bee3210fcbf14JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTIyOA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cud2lraWFydC5vcmcvZW4vYWxmcmVkLXN0aWVnbGl0eg&ntb=1.

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Camera Work was a quarterly photographic journal published by Alfred Stieglitz from 1903 to 1917. It is known for its many high-quality photogravures by some of the most important photographers in the world and its editorial purpose to establish photography as a fine art. It has been called "consummately intellectual", "by far the most beautiful of all photographic ....!&&p=6efb9fb0e3e6baccJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTI0Nw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvQ2FtZXJhX1dvcms&ntb=1.

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Dec 16, 2020 . Alfred Stieglitz--Female Nude with Hands Clasped Behind Head-, Clarence H. White, 1907.jpg 534 x 657; 109 KB. Georgia O'Keeffe MET DP232994.jpg. ... In Wikipedia. Add links. This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 13:51. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page..!&&p=6be4a599e7e4ef04JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTI2Ng&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9jb21tb25zLndpa2ltZWRpYS5vcmcvd2lraS9DYXRlZ29yeTpOdWRlX3Bob3RvZ3JhcGhzX2J5X0FsZnJlZF9TdGllZ2xpdHo&ntb=1.

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El dadaismo en Nueva York tendra un importante apoyo del fotografo Alfred Stieglitz, su galeria 291 y su revista Camera Work. Para Stieglitz y el grupo de jovenes fotografos que aglutino bajo el movimiento conocido como Photo Secession, la fotografia podia ser tambien vista y hecha como arte, y no simplemente como un medio de ....!&&p=ddb74bdf81c52ed1JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTI4NQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lcy53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvRGFkYSVDMyVBRHNtbw&ntb=1.

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Bruno Alfred Doblin was born on 10 August 1878 at the house at Bollwerk 37 in Stettin (Szczecin), a port city in what was then the Province of Pomerania. He was the fourth of five children born to Max Doblin (1846-1921), a master tailor from Posen (Poznan), and Sophie Doblin (1844-1920), nee Freudenheim, the daughter of a merchant. His older brother was actor Hugo ....!&&p=0890572d714f1e4cJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTMwMw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvQWxmcmVkX0QlQzMlQjZibGlu&ntb=1.

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Kathleen Mansfield Murry (nee Beauchamp; 14 October 1888 - 9 January 1923) was a New Zealand writer, essayist and journalist, widely considered one of the most influential and important authors of the modernist movement.Her works are celebrated across the world, and have been published in 25 languages. Born and raised in a house on Tinakori Road in the Wellington ....!&&p=95fa21f0c8d9e2f7JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTMyMg&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvS2F0aGVyaW5lX01hbnNmaWVsZA&ntb=1.

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Pure photography or straight photography refers to photography that attempts to depict a scene or subject in sharp focus and detail, in accordance with the qualities that distinguish photography from other visual media, particularly painting. Originating as early as 1904, the term was used by critic Sadakichi Hartmann in the magazine Camera Work, and later promoted by its editor, ....!&&p=3e2ab82ebebea5b5JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTM0MA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvU3RyYWlnaHRfcGhvdG9ncmFwaHk&ntb=1.

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Alfred Stieglitz Loves O'Keiffe - Georgia (Dir: Eb Thomas) Henceforward... U.S. Premier - Nan 300F, Corrina (Dir: Alan Ayckbourn) A Lie of the Mind - Beth (Dir: George Anderson) Great Lakes Theatre Festival. Antony and Cleopatra - Cleopatra (Dir: Gerald Freeman) Uncle Vanya - Sonya; Long Wharf Theatre. Tobacco Road - Elly May (Dir: Arvin Brown).!&&p=e4478bebaf79c0cdJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTM1OA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvQW5uYWxlZV9KZWZmZXJpZXM&ntb=1.

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Pelleas et Melisande (Pelleas and Melisande) is an opera in five acts with music by Claude Debussy.The French libretto was adapted from Maurice Maeterlinck's symbolist play of the same name.It premiered at the Salle Favart in Paris by the Opera-Comique on 30 April 1902; Jean Perier was Pelleas and Mary Garden was Melisande, conducted by Andre Messager, who was ....!&&p=4cb91bf275bd4c84JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTM3OA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvUGVsbCVDMyVBOWFzX2V0X00lQzMlQTlsaXNhbmRlXyhvcGVyYSk&ntb=1.

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Henri-Robert-Marcel Duchamp (UK: / ' dj u: ? ? /, US: / dj u: ' ? ?, dj u: ' ? ?: m p /, French: [ma?sel dy??]; 28 July 1887 - 2 October 1968) was a French painter, sculptor, chess player, and writer whose work is associated with Cubism, Dada, and conceptual art. Duchamp is commonly regarded, along with Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, as one of the three artists who ....!&&p=08d00199b4e0e7f2JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTM5Ng&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvTWFyY2VsX0R1Y2hhbXA&ntb=1.

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Fountain is a readymade sculpture by Marcel Duchamp in 1917, consisting of a porcelain urinal signed "R. Mutt". In April 1917, an ordinary piece of plumbing chosen by Duchamp was submitted for an exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists, the inaugural exhibition by the Society to be staged at The Grand Central Palace in New York. When explaining the purpose of his ....!&&p=38f3f7f930021472JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTQxNQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvRm91bnRhaW5fKER1Y2hhbXAp&ntb=1.

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The Waste Land is a poem by T. S. Eliot, widely regarded as one of the most important poems of the 20th century and a central work of modernist poetry. Published in 1922, the 434-line poem first appeared in the United Kingdom in the October issue of Eliot's The Criterion and in the United States in the November issue of The Dial.It was published in book form in December 1922..!&&p=e15745dfdc045222JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTQzNQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvVGhlX1dhc3RlX0xhbmQ&ntb=1.

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The Beinecke Library has digitized more than a million images of collections material. We are very excited to announce that the Yale University Library has launched a new digital collections platform for improved viewing experience..!&&p=7eb97f8588aa601aJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTQ1Mw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9iZWluZWNrZS5saWJyYXJ5LnlhbGUuZWR1L2RpZ2l0YWwtY29sbGVjdGlvbnMvZGlnaXRhbC1jb2xsZWN0aW9ucy1iZWluZWNrZS1saWJyYXJ5&ntb=1.

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1864 was a leap year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar and a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar, the 1864th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 864th year of the 2nd millennium, the 64th year of the 19th century, and the 5th year of the 1860s decade. As of the start of 1864, the Gregorian calendar was 12 days ....!&&p=68a8eaadd38deb53JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTQ3Mg&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvMTg2NA&ntb=1.

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Wanda Hazel Gag (/ ' g ?: g / GAHG; March 11, 1893 - June 27, 1946) was an American artist, author, translator, and illustrator.She is best known for writing and illustrating the children's book Millions of Cats, the oldest American picture book still in print. Gag was also a noted print-maker, receiving international recognition and awards. ....!&&p=245ff405cefb469bJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTQ5MQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvV2FuZGFfRyVDMyVBMWc&ntb=1.

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Joseph E. Stiglitz, ne le 9 fevrier 1943 a Gary (Indiana), est un economiste americain, laureat du prix dit Nobel d'economie avec George Akerlof et Michael Spence en 2001 << pour leurs travaux sur les marches avec asymetrie d'information.. Il est l'un des fondateurs et des representants les plus connus de la << nouvelle economie keynesienne >>..!&&p=7ad38451318fa903JmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTUwOQ&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9mci53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvSm9zZXBoX0UuX1N0aWdsaXR6&ntb=1.

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Georgia O'Keeffe is a 2009 American television biographical drama film, produced by City Entertainment in association with Sony Television, about noted American painter Georgia O'Keeffe and her husband, photographer Alfred Stieglitz.The film was directed by Bob Balaban, executive-produced by Joshua D. Maurer, Alixandre Witlin and Joan Allen, and line-produced ....!&&p=fb69049861c8445bJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTUyOA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvR2VvcmdpYV9PJTI3S2VlZmZlXyhmaWxtKQ&ntb=1.

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Isamu Noguchi (?? ?, Noguchi Isamu, November 17, 1904 - December 30, 1988) was an American artist and landscape architect whose artistic career spanned six decades, from the 1920s onward. Known for his sculpture and public artworks, Noguchi also designed stage sets for various Martha Graham productions, and several mass-produced lamps and furniture pieces, ....!&&p=979d13c46136f19aJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTU0Nw&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvSXNhbXVfTm9ndWNoaQ&ntb=1.

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The Sound and the Fury is a novel by the American author William Faulkner.It employs several narrative styles, including stream of consciousness.Published in 1929, The Sound and the Fury was Faulkner's fourth novel, and was not immediately successful. In 1931, however, when Faulkner's sixth novel, Sanctuary, was published--a sensationalist story, which Faulkner later ....!&&p=f84253cb9fd36c2eJmltdHM9MTY1OTU3MTIwMCZpZ3VpZD0xOThjNmJhZC1mMDE4LTY0ZGQtMWYxZS03YTViZjE1NDY1MmUmaW5zaWQ9NTU2Ng&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=198c6bad-f018-64dd-1f1e-7a5bf154652e&u=a1aHR0cHM6Ly9lbi53aWtpcGVkaWEub3JnL3dpa2kvVGhlX1NvdW5kX2FuZF90aGVfRnVyeQ&ntb=1.